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HCG Weight Loss Program Now Available in West Chester, Ohio!

This HCG diet is a time-tested program which originated 50 years ago by a medical doctor in Italy. Dr. Simeons discovered that the chemical HCG effectively mobilizes hard to reach fat stores in both male and female patients.

With the help of technology and a better understanding of biochemistry, this program combines Dr. Simeons original protocols with improved and updated supplementation for even better results which will help you lose more weight, naturally!

The doctor will evaluate your specific situation and give you instructions and guidelines based on your unique health status and weight loss goals.

This program is made up of four phases. The initial DETOX phase prepares your body for the weight loss process and is 7 days in duration. Phase II is the HCG phase where the majority of the weight loss will occur and lasts between 23 and 40 days depending on the doctor’s recommendations. Phase III is the KETOSIS phase where your body regulates in absence of the HCG supplement but weight loss continues. Phase IV is the maintenance phase where you are transitioned into a healthy lifestyle of activity and sensible eating.

The specifics of each Phase will be explained by the doctor based on your specific condition. Why wait, what have you got to lose?

What patients are saying about the HCG Weight Loss Program